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Phannie Potter - Art & Beyond

Instant Books - Peculiar Pastimes and Other Inappropriate Behaviour PDF 💗

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I Bring to You... Peculiar Pastimes and Other Inappropriate Behaviour

A Bit About Me Book :)

Here it is, my first ever book, it comes after
my first ever calendar, my first ever tour
and lots of other firsts. They say ya' never
forget ya' first................
If we're talking about boyfriends I've forgot
my first fifteen, 'eee I was a bit of a bugger
back in me teens, but hey ho...............

Find Inside Loads of Stuff, from the good,
the bad and fcn hilarious..............

And of course lots of TROLL SLAYING:
Troll Says – People like that should be neutered
and left in a dark room.
Airdy Be Like – Trolls like you should be
de-thumbed and left in Aldi car park.

Seaneen Corbett reviewed Stephanie Aird–5 star

Love this girl, relates to so many of us girls.
Keep it up, You always make me laugh.