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Phannie Potter - Art & Beyond

Pebble Pendants - Made by Me - One Off Statement Pieces - Stunning!

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 I Bring to You......

Explore the beauty of Pebble Pendants - Created and crafted by yours truly, each piece captures the essence of adventure and individuality. From beach pebbles collected during our caravan stays to unique designs that will make you stand out in a crowd, these statement pieces are stunning! Featuring hand-hammered wire cages, jump rings, and adjustable thong necklaces, each one-of-a-kind pendant is a work of art that should be handled with care. Keep them dry and pristine to ensure their longevity.

Choose from a variety of striking color combinations like Cream-Grey & Gold, Black-Terracotta & Silver, and Terracotta & Silver. Make a bold statement with the Large Ebony & Silver Swirl pendant - the perfect accessory for risk-takers and adventurers.