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Loved Ones Memorial Sets - Ashes Lovingly Crafted into Beautiful Resin Pieces

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 Our Loved One - Memorial Sets

Loved Ones Memorial Sets - Ashes Lovingly and Respectfully Crafted into Beautiful Resin Pieces.

These handcrafted works of art are precisely designed to remember and honor those who have gone before us. With our memorial sets, you can keep your memories close to your heart, wherever you are.

🤍 A small amount of ashes is gently mixed into the resin and distributed evenly throughout each piece. Any ashes that are left can be returned to you or scattered by me as you wish x

 3 Packages Available:

The You and I Home & Away Set - Luxury Pair of Heart Column Candle Holders & Key Ring £149

The Together 4 Ever Set - A 4 Piece Home & Away Family Set - Luxury Pair of Heart Column Candle Holders & 3 Key Rings £179

Cloud 9 - A 9 Piece Home & Away Extended Family Set - Luxury Pair of Heart Column Candle Holders/4 Key Rings/2 Bookmarks & 2 Coasters

Please Shopify inbox for colours and candle stick luxury filling choices. I will give you instructions of where to send a small amount of your loved ones ashes  x

Each set is of the same chosen colour theme x