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Phannie Potter - Art & Beyond

EXPRESS 24 hour - Make yourself or anyone into a Sassy Phannie PUSS

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I Bring To You….

Be immortalised forever as a sassy Phannie PUSS  in an original and unique design and drawing by me 😍

You will also receive a black & white version that you can get printed for colouring. Imagine handing out a load of the sheets of the bride to be on a hen do. Or your mate at their birthday party 😂😂😂

Your artwork will be sent digitally to your email. You can send it as a gift PLUS You have 100% rights to print and frame and reproduce with fair use. 

How to order - After you pay and checkout please do the following:

1: Send a head and shoulders photo via the Shopify inbox or 

2: State the NAME you would like at the top of the artwork

3: You can state what cheeky phrase will be at the bottom of the artwork or I’ll choose something for you. 

 Lots of Phannie Love

Steph x