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Phannie Potter - Art & Beyond

Here's my final letter to the longest ever reigning troll 😱👏

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Please note the copy of the letter you receive is not for public distribution. Thanks x
Since starting on social media I have had years of harassment, upset and general BS from many, many loons. Some just snowflakes or keyboard warriors and a few a lot more sinister.

I would usually give as good as I got but one in particular spent over 3 years in which they targeted me, groomed me with promises of work. gifts I didn't ask for etc and tried to make my life hell. I laughed it off a lot online, taking the piss so they didnt know how they were hurting me mentally. In reality i've been quick ill with it all x

Fast forward to December 2022 and after a lengthy, stressful court "case" I was able to write a letter outlining at least some of what I went through. It was cathartic and made me feel a bit better x

EDIT: He ended his life before he received this letter. He was in so much debt and unlawful activity with so many victims-as read in the paper.