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Phannie Potter - Art & Beyond

SIGNED - The Totally Unique - Phannie PUSS The Adult Colouring Book

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I Bring to You

Do yourself a favour, get a cuppa, put ya feet up & have a chuckle and relax with this original and unique books

1. Phannie PUSS is a unique new book containing beautiful & colourful illustrations and hilarious quotes from my videos 😄

There's a copy of each illustration as an outline for you to add your own colour too. (You can also add your own design elements if ya fancy it)

30 Pages of PUSS

 You will receive a SIGNED copy ❤️ 

EXTRA INFO Back Story:

Phannie PUSS is a book I made while I was in hospital with hypertension. 

How was Phannie PUSS born?

I started having a panic attack while in an MRI scan chamber (being claustrophobic and all of that). I was gently told to think of something nice to pass the 25 minute scan. 

I tried so very hard but found as usual the only way to distract myself is to create something in my mind. So basically I gave birth Phannie PUSS right there in the MRI chamber, as ya do.

I had to wait for a porter to take me back to my ward. I didnt want to forget Phannie PUSS so asked for some paper and a pen, I sat drafting and sketching. Luckily the porters didn't turn up so I got plenty of time, PHEW.

I eventually walked back to the ward, wobbly and dithery but with a pocket full of Phannie PUSS x


All drawings, quotes, designs and original ideas are by me.

© stephanie aird 2022