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Phannie Potter - Art & Beyond

❤️Stephanie🖤Airds❤️Live🖤Stream❤️Auctions🖤- S.A.L.S.A 💃 DATE: TBA

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I Bring to You......

Here's how we do SALSA 😃

There will be a VIDEO or PHOTOS of all the items coming up in the auction. This gives you a chance to be ready with your BID for any items in the lot you would like. All items will be NUMBERED.
❤️Stephanie🖤Airds❤️Live🖤Stream❤️Auctions🖤- S.A.L.S.A 💃
I will go LIVE on my PHANNIFLIX page, putting up links in the item NUMBER order.

How to BID: Wait for the item NUMBER to come and click the link to BID. If you would like to purchase the item, take and purchase at the checkout. 

The QUICKEST (not the highest) BIDDER will win the item 💫

 ⭐️There are absolute BARGAINS to be had⭐️ 


Can I change my mind at checkout and not purchase the item? YES
Can I purchase the item even before the LIVE stream starts? YES
Where is my parcel? YOU HAVEN'T ORDERED IT YET
Does the item come with batteries? NO IT'S A COASTER
Is the cup included? NO 
Can I order egg fried rice, chips and curry? YOU'RE ON THE WRONG WEBSITE