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Phannie Potter - Art & Beyond

The original recording of calls and issues that started a 3 year long court battle.

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Your purchase is an mp3 download of a 5 minutes 45 second recording of snippets between myself and a man that would scam me by grooming me into believing he wanted to help my career as a performer/entertainer. 

It would then turn into a lengthy nightmare that lasted years. Within these snippets you can clearly hear me turn from a confident professional offering my work as requested then into a deflated upset shell. He and others nearly broke me. (in August of 2020 I thought about ending my own life)

This is 1 of several documents I will be putting to good use. I will take the hurt, stress and upset it all caused and utilise it to make funds to re-open my bar.

This man and others tried many times to get closed down. 

This man and others rang the council, the police, the fire brigade and trading standards. They tortured me. I am now, several years later going to exorcise these ghosts for my mental and financial benefit x 

The original recording of The calls and issues that started a 3 year long court battle.

I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER AND BE THANKFUL for all the support I received from Phannies and Phannie Friends-Your support saved me. Thank you eternally ❤️